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Terry, We felt this is an exemplary model for how a college president can communicate the importance of this work. It clearly demonstrates the critical need for shared responsibility for ensuring an accessible and equitable experience for all students, employees, and community members. CATO would like to encourage you to share this with the other college presidents via your listserve. Thank you for your commitment and being a leader in this work.

Ward Naf
Committee for Accessible Technology Oversight

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Subject: [Cato] Fw: Important message regarding accessible electronic documents & media
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Jess Thompson
Program Administrator, Accessible Technology Initiatives
Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges
p: 360.704.4327 | c: 253.229.8591
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Subject: FW: Important message regarding accessible electronic documents & media


Just thought I would forward this letter our college president just put out.  It might give you a glimpse into where we’re at with accessibility at BBCC.  At the bottom it advertises the November 30th trainings you will be providing and also the Accessibility 101 trainings that are available.

Lora Lyn Allen

Coordinator of Disability Services

Student Advisor



loraa at bigbend.edu<mailto:loraa at bigbend.edu>

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Big Bend Community College

From: Leas, Terry
Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2017 2:12 PM
Subject: Important message regarding accessible electronic documents & media
Importance: High

Greetings Big Bend colleagues and trustees:

Consistent with its mission, vision, and values, Big Bend Community College has an ongoing commitment to provide full access to information and technology resources to everyone. The vision is to expand our culture by moving toward an approach that builds upon the concept of Universal Design–the broad-spectrum idea meant to produce buildings, products, and environments that are inherently accessible to all people, with or without disability.

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With the introduction of the BBCC’s Electronic and Information Technology Access (EITA) plan completed last June 30, we now have a guide to help us progress toward our goal of Universal Design with regard to our electronic and information technology resources.  As a first step, I ask each of you to take the time to become better acquainted with BBCC’s EITA policy<https://port.bigbend.edu/employee/ATT/Shared%20Documents/EITA%20Policy%20and%20Procedures/EITA%20Policy%20and%20Plan%20FINAL%20DRAFT.docx>.  Having this EITA policy and plan in place has made our institution compliant with Policy #188 from Washington State’s Chief Information Officer.

While many parts of our plan will happen behind the scenes, we have now come to a point where your involvement is integral to the successful implementation of our plan.  One area to which it is imperative that you direct your attention is in the creation and utilization of accessible electronic documents. Per Policy #188 and the EITA plan, all campus employees are required to create and/or use accessible electronic documents and media.

The EITA plan is a comprehensive strategy laid out for BBCC to achieve milestones by specific dates outlined in Section 3.4 and 4.4:

·         Section 3.4: By 8/30/2020, all straight-text documents created on or after 6/30/2018 (including PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files) will be accessible.

·         Section 4.4: By 12/31/2020: All videos (professionally or internally produced) used in courses and shared on campus websites or video storage sites (such as Panopto, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) will be captioned according to recommended Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) standards.

The Accessible Technology Team worked diligently last year to equip BBCC staff and faculty with the training and skills needed for everyone to create accessible content.   Team members are committed to continue providing training opportunities, resources, and support to help you fulfill your responsibility in creating accessible content.  Please take advantage of the following resources and upcoming trainings:

Upcoming Trainings:

·         Creating Accessible Documents (Word & PDF)

November 30th 1:00-3:00 or 3:30-5:00 (choose one session), Room 1801

Guest trainer: Jess Thompson, SBCTC’s Program Administrator and Accessible Technology Initiatives

·         Accessibility 101 Online Training

Check out the lessons<http://bit.ly/a101public> here, and then go to SBCTC's training website<http://www.sbctc.edu/colleges-staff/programs-services/elearning-open-education/training-registration.aspx> to register for a session:

§  January 22 – February 18 (registration opens Nov 27)

§  February 12 – March 11 (registration opens Jan 22)

§  April 16 – May 13 (registration opens Mar 5)

§  May 7 – June 3 (registration opens April 16)


·         Accessibility Cheat sheets for Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF and In Design files and YouTube Videos<http://www.bigbend.edu/accessibility/cheatsheets/>

·         Video Captioning Tips<http://www.bigbend.edu/accessibility/video-captioning-tips/>

·         Web Page Accessibility Tips<https://youtu.be/QP1rzxMRap4>

·         Websites, Organizations, Conferences Specifically Related to Access Technology<http://www.bigbend.edu/accessibility/web-resources/>

Have a happy Thanksgiving,

[cid:image001.png at 01CDABB0.933BB550]

Terrence Leas, Ph.D.


terryl at bigbend.edu<mailto:terryl at bigbend.edu>

[cid:image001.jpg at 01D26C32.7E650540]<http://www.bigbend.edu/>

509.793.2001<http://509.793.> •  877.745.1212 • www.bigbend.edu

7662 Chanute Street NE •  Moses Lake, WA 98837-3299

Transforming Lives Through Excellence in Teaching & Learning

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