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What timing! I was just watching some of these!
Angela French

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A colleague just shared these with me and I'm sharing the announcement I put out in my course. As my colleague said "I think they'd be really useful to put accessible technology into context for people to whom it's a foreign (read "I don't use it and no one close to me uses it, so why should I care?") subject."

Also, Apple is about to launch a training program on their assistive tech. They're interested in partnering with us (of course, more $$ for them), but I'm not sure of the scope of mac use in our system so I didn't bite (plus, I was in the shop for retail therapy and needed to talk about anything but work). Might be something to keep in the back of our minds, though...

Playlist: Accessibility - Designed for everyone

This is a great series of videos that spotlights the accessibility features on the iPhone. I'm not trying to push a product, but it's a great way to see how assistive technology is becoming integrated into the technologies many of us use.

You don't need to have a disability to use these features, I'm sure plenty of you are using some of them already! However, this series of videos gives you sense of the possibilities and hopefully shifts your perspective of disability to thinking about what is possible rather than what's not possible.

Accessibility - Designed for everyone<https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHFlHpPjgk7307LVoFKonAqq616WCzif7>

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