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I'm not sure of the purpose/goal of the spreadsheet.  Are you just trying to identify the technologies we use where a VPAT exists?  Down here in Application Development, we've been wondering about all the home-grown applications that have been built and are in use.


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Hi all,

I made a very rough (and painfully simple) stab at pulling together an inventory of technology and VPATs. I'm only linking to VPATs that are on the vendor's website (thus are already publicly available). I've added notes where I have a VPAT but am waiting for permission to share.

Anyone with the link can edit this spreadsheet<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e7KYgXJOdI8UTx5vdbVqf15pVnNHDe4JHMdhtABHnHg/edit?usp=sharing>, so let's not distribute this just yet.

Also, I started breaking out different areas within the tabs, but I'm sure I'm missing some so feel free to add or re-organize. I've added info that I've been able to pull from an assignment submission in my accessibility training.

Like I said, this is a really rough start - I'm totally open to someone building this out further or adding fields that may add some value. (I'd love to find a way that didn't involve 34 fields to track which schools are using what....)

I think it might be worth trying to get folks into the same room (virtually) to discuss how we can make the most of developing an inventory and share the workload. If you're interested, please help me nail down a time by completing this short Doodle poll<http://doodle.com/poll/ud5sf2c9z4aepc43>.


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Someone just shared this resource with me on library accessibility. What I find particularly interesting is the VPAT repository (http://uniaccessig.org/lua/vpat-repository/).

In my Accessibility 101 training I have an extra credit assignment where participants track down the VPATs for the software that they use. I could start building a list from their submissions and invite others to contribute if you all would be interested. I wouldn't want to make it public until we can get vendor permission - as they have on the LUA site.

This could be a nice way to avoid duplicating some of the effort and tracking what faculty are using (as that seems to be a challenge in some ways). Is this something any of you would be interested in participating in? I'm happy to get it started and contribute, but would prefer to not be alone in the effort. I would need assistance verifying that we have the most up to date VPAT and vendor approval to publish the list.


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