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I agree that Cyndi had lots of great information, and I confess I felt a bit overwhelmed at times.  I was reminded what a huge undertaking this is, and the legislature is one more (big) piece of the picture.  I suspect we would also have a great ally in our Lieutenant Governor, Cyrus Habib . . .

Thanks, Jess, for setting this up - we could devote all of the next meeting to discussing this and RFP requirements.

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Hi all,

I added notes to the agenda<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J-wb5SQJuo6qsTDQQvv5ZmP2u4jDlrgHZzh6oGSosT8/edit?usp=sharing> from today's meeting with Cyndi Rowland. I hope you all found her input and perspective as valuable as I did.

One thing Cyndi mentioned in closing was that it sounded like we should put in a request for legislative funding. She had stronger and more eloquent language than I do (maybe someone else will remember), but she said this would be one of the first things to do given the scope of the work and the way in which it benefits so many populations (veterans, aging Baby Boomers, non-native English speakers, etc.). This was one part of the call when I realized those that can carry this forward were no longer on the call, so I wanted to pass it along.

Other thoughts/input from folks on the call?

I'm eager to start defining what types of support we're looking for from a 3rd party. Perhaps our next meeting could be a chance to review a requirements list for an RFP. Thoughts?


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