[Cato] Captioning Success!

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Jess Thompson
Program Administrator, Accessible Technology Initiatives
Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges
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Love it!

Kerri B. Holferty, M.Ed.

Director of Access & Disability Services

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Hi All,

Just wanted to share…

One of my instructors used Caption HUB to great advantage in November.  He asked who to give “props” to for the great work.  I suggested SBCTC and this is a screenshot of how he’s going to credit SBCTC for each and every video of his that he has had captioned and are available in YouTube!!!

[cid:image003.png at 01D36CEA.44974DF0]

Well done all!



Amy Rovner, MPH RD

Instructional Designer

Associate Faculty Nutrition

eLearning Services

Shoreline Community College

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