[BLC] Updated WA State & US Data

Hogan, Lenaya Lenaya.Hogan at sfcc.spokane.edu
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Here is a link to that map. You can click on the state to see all of the programs. It looks like WA has 125 according to this. I am not sure how often it is updated though.

State Inventory | CCBA<https://www.accbd.org/state-inventory/>
Moving forward, the national inventory will be updated on a regular basis by the CCBA national office staff.. Users of the national inventory are encouraged to email info at accbd.org with information about new CCB-degree programs and offer other recommendations to help CCBA maintain a full and accurate picture of CCB degree conferral in the United States.

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Is someone able to confirm the total number of BAS degrees in Washington State and the total number of colleges that are offering them? Also, I received the map below from CCBA last year. Do you know if there is an updated version? Have new states joined the fun?

[cid:image001.jpg at 01D9355E.C3C250B0]

Thank you in advance for your help!


Cristie Crawford

BAS Program Coordinator

Office 1112, Building F


cristie.crawford at wwcc.edu<mailto:cristie.crawford at wwcc.edu>

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