[BLC] question about BS degree distribution requirements

Pugh, Alison Alison.Pugh at seattlecolleges.edu
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In my mind, it's not clear. There was a draft of the difference between BAS and BS circulated by Valerie Sundby (and I think a final was adopted - but I can't find it on the website). On that draft document, there is a link to the gen ed requirements, but that's now a 404error page not found.

The gen ed courses would be the same; however, I'm not 100% about the required number. The gen ed. requirements now posted on the sbctc are clearly defined for the BAS (that we reviewed), but that doc. doesn't say anything about the BS.


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To my knowledge, there is no separate definition of the GenEd component for the B.S. credential separate from the BAS definition adopted by our system.
Thanks - Mike

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Does anyone know if and how the General Education distribution requirements in BS degree differ from BAS? I am specifically thinking about BS in Computer Science vs. BAS in Computer Programming… If anyone can point me to the right resources, I’d really appreciate it.


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