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The State Board adopts separate tuition schedules for upper and lower division courses.  Tuition rates for upper division courses are higher than the rates for lower division courses.  Generally, colleges should charge students upper division rates for upper division credits and lower division rates for lower division credits.  For some upper/lower division credit combinations, however, this general rule would result in charging students more than if upper division tuition rates were applied to all credits.  In such cases, students should be charged for all upper and lower credits based on the upper division tuition schedule.  ( See SBCTC Policy 5.80(3)(b)<https://www.sbctc.edu/colleges-staff/policies-rules/policy-manual/chapter-5.aspx> ).

The upper/lower division credit combinations that should be charged using upper division tuition rates will vary from year to year.  The link below has a calculator to assist colleges in determining how much tuition to charge a student taking both upper and lower division courses. The 2020-21 BAS Tuition Calculator has been posted to the State Board website at:


Brian Myhre, MSL
Senior Budget Analyst
Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges

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