[BLC] FW: Spring Allocation and Enrollment Monitoring Reports

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Subject: FW: Spring Allocation and Enrollment Monitoring Reports

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Subject: Spring Allocation and Enrollment Monitoring Reports

State Board members, chancellors, presidents.  This message will be distributed broadly to the college system.

In winter 2018, colleges enrolled 156,503 full-time equivalent students (FTES) from all fund sources, down 1 percent (-1,896 FTES) from winter 2017.

Winter quarter enrollments were slightly lower than projected at the end of fall quarter.  The updated projection for the end of the year is 130,019 state supported FTES for adults and 21,988 FTES for Running Start for a total of 152,007 state supported FTES (349 FTES less than projected at the end of fall quarter).

Colleges enrolled 39,362 contract funded FTES, up 4 percent (1,436 FTES) from winter 2017. The increase in contract funded FTES is primarily due to an increase in Running Start FTES (up 8 percent, 1,733 FTES), counteracted by a drop in the number of international contract enrollments (down 5 percent, -342 FTES).

Similar to fall quarter trends, enrollments were up from last winter quarter for:

*       Apprenticeship: 3,811 FTES, up 15 percent (505 FTES)

*       Applied Baccalaureate: 2,932 FTES from 27 colleges offering 78 programs, up 33 percent (722 FTES)

*       eLearning: 48,339 FTES, up 11 percent (4,624 FTES)

*       I-BEST: 2,703 FTES, up 13 percent (304 FTES)

*       Running Start: 22,131 FTES, up 8 percent (1,733 FTES)

Enrollments were down for:

*       Basic Education for Adults: 15,616 FTES, down 3 percent (-444 FTES)

*       Basic Food, Employment and Training (BFET): 4,550 FTES, down 15 percent (-794 FTES)

*       International students (All Funds): 10,680 FTES, down 10 percent (-1,181 FTES)

*       International Contract: 6,792 FTES, down 5 percent (-342 FTES)

*       Workfirst: 1,863 FTES, down 11 percent (-222 FTES)

*       Worker Retraining: 5,873 FTES, down 7 percent (-417 FTES)

For college level data, here is the link to the page with the allocation and enrollment monitoring reports<https://www.sbctc.edu/colleges-staff/research/annual-reports-archive/enrollment.aspx>.

Please contact Devin DuPree, SBCTC research associate, ddupree at sbctc.edu<mailto:ddupree at sbctc.edu> if you have questions about these data.

John Boesenberg
Deputy Executive Director, Business Operations
State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
360-704-4303; jboesenberg at sbctc.edu<mailto:jboesenberg at sbctc.edu>

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