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Cosby, Glen Glen.Cosby at scc.spokane.edu
Fri Sep 15 14:08:26 PDT 2017

In an effort to promote student success and comply with the requirements of our Title III grant, last year our (then) president mandated that all new transfer students and undecided/undeclared students have to take a two-credit student success class, Guidance 102.  It seemed easy enough: we just have students take it as an elective and, voilà, financial aid pays for it and all is well.  Uh...not so much.  Forgotten in our rush to do a good deed was all the other flavors of transfer degree we offer, some of which are very restricted indeed as to what can and cannot count as an elective, and so now students in those degree programs are having to pay for the course out of pocket (or we go to our Foundation with begging bowl in hand) because FA can't pay for what is not on the degree.  We could just exempt those students from the mandate, but that seems arbitrary and will lower the number of students we are tracking for this intervention which casts us in a less than flattering light with our Title III folks.  Ach!  What to do?  Any of you have any experience with a similar scenario and have wisdom to share?  If so, I'm all ears.

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